Maya Babovic

MAYA MILANO is a contemporary jewellery brand with a touch of opulent yet timeless flair inspired by medieval Byzantine icons depicting royal female attire.

Named after founder Maja Babovic, MAYA MILANO was created in 2017 in Milan, Italy. The brand is combining an innovative design and handcrafted quality jewellery that could be inherited on the next generation. It´s distinguished feature is ICON, a piece of an entirely handcrafted extraordinary sophisticated pattern, that consistently repeats itself throughout the collection including earrings, collieres and bracelets. ICON is a synthesis of opulent high-end look and graceful charisma that stands the test of time.

MAJA BABOVIC, Founder, Creative Director Maja, this ancient name, symbolically anticipated her life full of yearning for beauty and magnificent. She acquired a Bachelor degree at the prestigious Business School Lausanne in Switzerland, a Master degree in Design and Fashion Management at Bocconi, Italy and accomplished specialized goldsmith courses in Scuola Ambrosiana Orafa Milanese. The fruit of her globetrotting life between New York, Lausanne, Warsaw and Milan, made her reach a unique and eclectic esthetical expression visible in her precious objects of beauty.